Who we are

Welcome to Noni's backstage!

I have always been attracted to old objects, the history coming from them and the beauty that contain. After a long period dedicated to teaching, the two generations of jewelers and watch makers who preceded me have been crucial to take on this project; a project, especially, based on love, respect and  admiration for work well done by past craftsmen.

My fascination for what calls "Vintage" or "retro" have brought me to recover a set of pieces that nowadays still would continue forgotten in the warehouse. Clocks, pearls,gold plated, silver and other objects go back to take life after decades of silence and darkness. Nobody knows what represents for me to wind up some clocks of 50s or 60s and feel how they are beating again with strength!

Noni's backstage wants to be one collect of the past that goes back to the present after an accurate selection and a thorough analysis of all the products that offer. Already I have spoken of the jewels and the clocks, but is for a me a pleasure see how the virtual shop is expanded by a section of clothes and one of antiquities and "rarities". I would not want to forget those pieces that , out of what is considered "vintage" , also have a special charm and I also put at your disposal.

Come in, look and ask all what capture your  attention of what I give you to know by means of this web. I will be joyous to resolve your doubts. 

It is my heartfelt wish that you enjoy looking and admiring the "small treasures" that have begun to breathe again, and  expect to please the good taste of those that know them value and love.

Thank you!

Noni's backstage