70's vintage watch for lady.Winding up watch. Collection watch. Swiss watch. MARTY 17 jewels

70's vintage watch for lady. Winding up watch. Collection clock. Swiss watch. MARTY 17 jewels.

Elegant and beautiful watch from the 70's for lady of the Spanish brand MARTY, with Swiss machinery. The design of this small piece makes it unique: the sphere is rectangular, and the plastified glass and the gold box are curved.
The strap is the original. It is velvety brown in color and together perfectly with the bottom of the sphere, of a litmus between light brown and dark.

This small and brave piece has been stored in the backstage of my store for over 40 years, and comes back to life after a long time. It is a collection piece that works perfectly and the state of conservation is optimal.

I wish you liked it as much as me!