Vintage watch for lady 70s. Swiss winding up watch. Collection watch. LUCERNE watch

Elegant and sober watch from the prestigious Swiss brand LUCERNE. It is from the 70's and is considered one of the highest quality watches at the best price of the time. It is usually 1 jewel.
The dial is surrounded by a shiny steel circle and the interior is greyish black, as well as the strap, which is velvety, like the vast majority of watches of the era. At the back of the piece can be seen the shield of the mark. It is manually charged and works and is perfectly preserved as it has been carefully stored in the backstage of my store for over 40 years.
This preciousness deserves a second chance, since it is totally new and it comes back to beat with force for who knows how to appreciate it and take care of it as it deserves.
I wish you like it!