CARRERA's sports watch , stainless steel


Watch sports CARRERA mark of stainless steel in its entirety. The sphere is blue and classic, with Arabic numerals. At the point of the 3 is the date. This design is characterized by the union of the bracelet with watch box, since it seems all of a piece. It is waterproof up to 100 meters. Tip: do not dive with the watch if it is not strictly necessary. If battery is finished, you must go to a professional watchmaker to do hermeticism test and make sure that you can bathe again with watch.

The field measures 4.3 cm including the crown. It is powered by battery (battery). The bracelet they allow taking off parts of both sides.

This champion of watches is worthy of admiration. The CARRERA brand has managed to transfer the essence of "home sport", and makes their products sports at the same time elegant and wearable for every day. I only have one in stock in my store, and I think that it is a good opportunity to buy a new watch  at half the price. I hope you enjoy it!