CARAMELO's designed watch for woman or man

Design of the brand CARAMELO watch unisex . Rectangular dial in portrait mode with numbers 6 and 12 of large size. Also distinguishes the brand logo to set with the clock hands. The numbers are ochre and schedules points also. The background is white and there are two side striped valances.Belt features a light violet color in the part that is attached to the box and closing it is darker. It is the original belt with leather backs and velvety top. Box and buckle are stainless steel and on the top you can read that it's a registered design, the reference and is all stainless steel.

The watch case measures 3.5 cm in width and 4.5 cm high. Strap measures 23 mm. It is powered by battery (battery).

This unique design firm CARAMELO shows once again the capacity for innovation within the classic lines that characterize. Top strap has lost a little color, although, fortunately, no distinction of the darker part since it is in the lower area of the clock. This is due to the exhibition to the public in my shop. Yet and so, I am not partisan change belts until "they can no more", and less if they are genuine and not disadvantage the piece. Sell it as part of my stock for half the original price. Enjoy it!