Set ring and earrings of silver MORGAN

The ring of this set is full of love. It can be read, in different languages, the phrase "I love you". The letters are engraved in the metal, and the sides ring three pebbles and the characteristic heart of the MORGAN brand are distinguished. At the bottom is the 925 primer.

It measures 1 cm in width and the diameter of the ring is 17.25 mm

The matching earrings also have the previous message, this time printed in black. They are square and mobile. The closure is to pressure.

The total length of such earrings is 2.5 cm.

I love this set of MORGAN. It is a beautiful detail for the couple. It is sober, elegant and lets remember who has given it. It is totally new because it belongs to the stock of my shop, and therefore I offer half price.

It is possible to buy the parts separately.