Necklace and bracelet of lace and ornaments MORGAN

Necklace with double black lace, one of them with translucent fabric. Necklace hangs a bunch by way of ornament with silver balls, hearts silver plates, a transparent heart shaped Crystal, Onyx and a ball of howlite beads.

The bracelet has the same types of knotted cords, and they they hang, spread, the same grounds as on the collar.

925 primer appears in the closures of both parts.

The bracelet measures 12 cm and the necklace has a length of 44 cm. Cluster measures 3 cm.

I really love this beautiful set of the MORGAN firm. It has the youth brand brings to all his creations. At the same time, it is elegant and distinguished by the predominant combination between black and white. It belongs to the stock of my store, and returns to see the light thanks to you. I hope you enjoy it so much as me.

It is possible to buy the parts separately.