Silver bracelet. Bracelet of 3 colors.

Silver bracelet. Bracelet 3 colors. Silver bracelet. Bracelet of 3 colors. Elegant bracelet. Original bracelet.

Beautiful sterling silver bracelet made up of three thinner bracelets that are attached at the ends. The originality of this piece lies in the three colors of metal that are back in fashion: silver, gold and pink. The length of the bracelet is approximately 14 cm, and at one end are some auxiliary links to widen it, if the measurement is a bit fair. The closure is made of carabiner, which is one of the safest ones there are.

It is a piece that I adore because it is elegant, original and fits perfectly to the wrist. Also, the combined tones are of rabiosa actuality, which thing allows to combine it with complements of different colors. I hope you like it as much as me!