Silver and rutilated quartz necklace by Adolfo Domínguez half the price

Spectacular necklace designer Adolfo Domínguez of silver and dark rutilated quartz crystals. The main necklace has wide links, and adds three strings in progressive decrease in the lower part of the same. All crystals are surrounded by fine threads of silver, and the largest hangs a plate with the initials AD.

Its total length is 94 cm and 3 crystals are carved to various extent and forms. The greater measure 4.5 cm in length.

With gems like these, yet I regret more than Adolfo Domínguez has ceased to distribute designs of jewelry and watches. This unique piece, inspired by collars of 20 and 60, is new and was sorry keep it in my store without showing it to the world. It was from my stock and you can now get it for half the price.