Museum and shop


The past 8 of October inaugurated Noni's backstage to the ancient watchmaking store Rodríguez of the Consellers street 22 of Llagostera. They assisted near a hundred of people and there were enabled several rooms of the house in order to give fit to all the assistants.The ambiance and the essence of the venue, an ancient school, allowed that everybody that came moved for some in time past instants.
Only it subtracts me thank all those that did me side in an as special day. Noni's backstage begins the adventure with illusion and projects, of which very soon you will have news.
Thank you especially to ButiSam Fotografies, Marc Sureda of "Poll TV", Laia Camós, Mar Astor and Cristina Pérez (make-up artist) for immortalize an unforgettable evening.